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He followed this with the landmark publication of
"Listen To Your Body" in 1984 - a book which helped continue the fight for equality in women's health care and taught women  them how to get the very best medical treatment possible.
He accomplished a similar goal in 1988 with The Endometriosis Answer Book - one of the first lay books to recognize yet another gyencological disorder that had beeen previously undiagnosed and left untreated by most physicians.  Indeed, Dr. Lauersen's research into the causes and treatments of endometriosis led to the landmark development of a number of key medications still in use today
From his From his critically acclaimed international best seller "Getting Pregnant: What You Need To Know Now",   to his newest book "The New Fertility Diet Guide" ,  Dr. Niels Lauesen as has been educating and empowering women through his books for  nearly three decades!  

  His writing career began in 1977  with his pioneering guide to gynecology   titled
" It's Your Body". It is  a book  which still today is credited as formally starting the "new age" of  equality health care for women - a movement   encouraged women to take charge of their body and play a more active  role in their own health care.  With the publication of It's Your Body  Dr. Lauersen was credited as one of  the pioneers of the feminist  movement that ushered in a new generation of active health care for women."
In PMS and You he became one  of the first physicians to recognize and medically  sanction the symptoms of Pre Menstrual Syndrome as medical condition and  with his book, lectures and public appearances helped bring legitimacy as well as  treatment and care to the millions of women who were suffering silently with this  problem.
With his next several books - PMS and You,  The Endometriosis Answer Book, Childbirth With Love,  and It's Your Pregnancy - Dr. Lauersen once again paved new ground for women, gently  guiding them through previously uncharted medical waters.
In his next two  books Dr. Lauersen turned his attention to pregnancy.  In his landmark best selling tome " Childbirth With Love" he taught women how to take control of their pregnancy - and their pregnancy care - as well as their delivery  with information so valuble the press dubbed him  "The New Dr. Spock of Pregnancy! "   He followed this book with "It's Your Pregnancy" -  another classic that continued his fight to educate women on their health care rights. Here he lifted the veil on silence on pregnancy care and empowered women with the knowledge that would enable them to get the very best pregnancy and delivery care possible .

"You're In Charge "  he tempered his classic gynecology advice with the careful
understanding of parenting, in a book that helped teenage girls understand their body
better -  and helped to increase communciation and understanding with their Moms
It was credited  as helping  young women everywhere make that delicate transition
from pediatrian to  gynecologist.

The Complete Book of Breast Care Dr. Lauersen offered women the latest, most
important advice available on not only the prevention and treatment of breast cancer,
  but the medical  care of all breast conditions.  It has become the go-to book for any
woman who suspects she has a problem, or been diagnosed with a breast condition.

It what has become perhaps Dr. Lauersen's greatest book writing achievement to date,  is the international best selling fertility book of all time : Getting Pregnant - What You Need To Know RIght Now. "  Now in it's third  edition,   Getting Pregnant continues to remain at the  top of the list of every couple seeking to get pregnant.

As the most trusted fertility source for over 20 years,  it has become the #1  choice of new moms worldwide.   It  is commonly referred to as the "Fertilty Bible" and to date, has helped over 100,000 couples get pregnant!

Dr. Lauersen is also the medical director of GettingPregnantNow.org - one of the fastest growing and most popular fertility and pregnancy information websites online today.
Getting Pregnant: What You Need To Know Now!

First came,
The New Fertility Diet Guide - Here, Dr. Lauersen combines his expertise as a fertility doctor with his vast knowledge  and personal research on the effects of  diet and nutrition on pregnancy to provide readers with the single most comprehensive guide to increasing fertility naturally available today.  On the companion website  FertilityDietGuide.com he continually keeps reader's update on the most important natural ways to get pregnant fast.

In Green Fertility: Nature's Secrets For Making Babies, Dr. Lauersen speaks to a whole new generation of parents, helping them discover, safe, easy, natural ways to enhance their fertility and get pregnant faster.  With the latest information on everything from organic foods to environmental concerns, from household chemicals to pesticides to computer use and more, find out what affects ferility, how you can protect yourself and most important how you can balance living in today's modern world with fertility that thrives year after year!

Dr Lauersen
Dr Lauersen
Dr Lauersen
Dr. Lauersen's newest book : 
Eat - Love - GET PREGNANT:
A Couples Guide To Boosting Fertility &
Having A Healthy Baby
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In 2009 and 2010 Dr. Lauersen embarked on two of his most ambiious book projects todate: