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Best Seller!

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Based on the successful natural pregnancy  program used at his highly successful  Park Avenue Fertilty Clinic,  Dr. Lauersen now offers couples everywhere the chance to increase their fertility naturally  & get pregnant fast!

Successfully used by thousands of patients and now available to the public for the first time this all natural, medically proven, scientifically validated system of getting pregnant fast can help you overcome many of the most common causes of infertility!
Read more about this amazing new book and discover how it can help you get pregnant faster & easier than you ever dreamed possible - and do it naturally too!
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Green Fertility :
Nature's Secrets For Making Babies!

“ Using the power of nature Green Fertility teaches every couple how to
safely and gently maximize their ability to get pregnant. It’s a must-read
for the health conscious mother-to-be, which should be all mothers. Green Fertility may eventually become the only way.”

Patricia Conrad, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.
Board Certified Gynecologist & Reproductive Endocrinologist
Fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology
New York City, NY

“Green Fertility is a unique and groundbreaking lifestyle guide for any couple who wants to get pregnant. The concepts featured in the book have been proven in multiple studies, and I have personally seen many couples improve their fertility profiles by following this plan. It works for both natural conception as well as to enhance assisted reproductive technologies such as IVF and ICSI, and I highly recommend it.”

Carlo Acosta, B.Sc.
Embryologist & Reproductive Technology Specialist
New York City, NY

What The Patients Are Saying ....
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Best Seller!
" People who do not have problems conceiving a child do not understand the extend of the mental and heartfelt anguish infertility can cause. I was miserable and angry because I wanted to have children and I could not. When I finally found Dr. Lauersen he was very positive about my being able to get pregnant and he gave us hope. I followed his diet and his vitamin regimen and under his care it was not long after that we conceived our son. Children are a blessing from God and Dr. Lauersen.  We are blessed! "

Jody S, New Jersey

“I highly recommend Green Fertility - an all natural, holistic approach to improving
a couple’s fertility. The authors have thoroughly researched this subject and present
information that is of ground breaking importance for any couple trying to get
pregnant, and for those who wish to conceive faster and easier and have a healthier
baby. The combination of vitamins, minerals, supplements, foods and the relaxation
techniques have been proven in studies to bring about extraordinary results.”

Linda Chard, D.C,
Board Certified Doctor of Chiropractic,
Holistic Consultant for the NHS Fertility Clinics,
President of the London based clinic WantToBeWonderful, Ltd.
London, England

The Natural Infertility Cure: Green Fertility by GettingPregnant