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Through his position as a principal in the health publishing company Ivy League Press,  Dr. Lauersen is instrumental in developing  educational health videos for women, as well as blogs and websites designed to teach and empower.   Here is a small sample of some of his most recent work.
Getting Pregnant With The New Fertility Diet Guide -

Get Pregnant Naturally - With The Sun! by GettingPregnant

Getting Pregnant: 5 Fertility Food Secrets by GettingPregnant
Dr. Lauersen keeps his friends and patients updated on the latest fertilty and pregnancy news and information on the blog !

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As the companion sites to his brand new book  Green Fertility: Nature's Secrets For Making Babies  are the websites and - both featuring the  newest, most important ways couples can naturally increase their fertilty and get pregnant fast!
Dr. Lauersen offers a web companion guide to one of his newest books: "The New Fertility Diet Guide"
Discover how to get pregnant quickly & naturally with the foods scientfically shown to
enhance fertility!
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At Dr. Lauersen's premier site he offers couples hope and help for all forms of infertility as well as tips and advice on getting pregnant.  A companion to his best selling book Getting Pregnant: What You Need To Know it is THE portal for fertility information online!
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Dr Lauersen

The Natural Infertility Cure: Green Fertility by GettingPregnant
Miscarriage: How To Reduce Your Risks -